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a)The information on “” is solely intended for informational purposes.

b)Boposhealth information is not advice and should not be regarded as such.


1) All information on “” is provided “as is” and without any express or implied guarantees.

2) Without limiting the scope of section 2.1, Boposhealth makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or reliability of any medical information found on “” or that such information will always be accessible.


a) You must not use any information on as a substitute for medical advice or consultation from a doctor or any healthcare provider.

b) A doctor or other healthcare provider should be consulted if you have a specific question about any medical condition or information.

c) You should get proper medical assistance right away if you’re experiencing symptoms of a medical concern or you have a suspicion that you might be experiencing such symptoms.

d) You shouldn’t ignore medical advice, postpone getting medical attention, stop receiving medical treatment, or alter it based on anything you read on


The personnel at can be reached by the users via a variety of channels through communication on the internet.

a) If you intend to contact us, you must understand that a response from us or another user may be inadequate, inaccurate, or even deceptive owing to various limits of communication techniques.

b)Any response received through contact on Boposhealth cannot be substituted for the expert advice from a doctor or concerned healthcare service provider, hence should be taken as informational, and not as a medical advice without suitable confirmation.


This website may contain translations powered by third party services for your convenience. Translations are provided as a service to the users  of and are provided “as is”.No warranty of any kind,either expressed or implied is made as to the accuracy,reliability, or correctness of any translations made from the source language in to any other language. 

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